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Vincent Ho
5 min

Nostalgia, originally from movement II of The Shaman, a concerto for percussion and orchestra, has been arranged here for solo vibraphone. This version, intended as an encore piece for The Shaman, is also considered a stand-alone work by the composer. Nostalgia also exists in a version for solo piano.

“Nostalgia,” was initially inspired by three things: a photo taken by Doug Barber of an old man looking out of a window during sunset, a painting by Luc Leestemaker titled Voyager #7 (seen above), and an accompanying poem to the painting by the same artist titled “Voyager” (about an endearing childhood memory). These three works shared a nostalgic quality that warranted musical interpretation. However, in order for me to capture this emotion, I had to search through my own personal history to find the one memory that brought me the same bittersweet longing; a moment in my life that I have treasured and kept close to my heart. Once I had found it, I was brought back to that sacred emotional space and the music soon wrote itself.


When I was a little boy

I’d be in the street with my father

On a Saturday afternoon

He washed the car and

I played with a boat, in the river of water and soap

That gulped down the road.

By laying my head on the ground I imagined the boat being a steamer

I stepped on board and took off.

Sitting in my studio today I imagined again getting into that boat

And Float

And disappear…

– Luc Leestemaker

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