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Isak Roux

b. 1959

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Isak Roux's work as composer, arranger and composer (solo as well as in ensembles) began during his student days. Musical direction for shows such as Wakeman, Wakeman II and With a little help from my friends followed. In 1987 and 1988 he was appointed musical director for cabaret productions in the "Playhouse Cellar", Durban, South Africa where he took part in shows featuring entertainers such as, Shadii, P.J.Powers, Eve Boswell, to name but a few.

Choral compositions and direction followed. After his relocation to Germany in 1988 he took part in various musical festivals such as the Tonkünstlerfest (Baden-Württemberg, 1990 and 1993) and the International Composers' Workshop (Amsterdam 1996). In 1999 he delivered a lecture-recital for the Stuttgart German-American Society on the theme of South African (township) jazz.

Central to Roux's creative vision remains his commitment to the music of Africa, its rhythms, melodies and instrumental techniques.He prefers to tread his own individual path, whether avantgarde, electronic, pop, gospel or jazz - all these are part of the universal world of Music.

As arranger he has gained a solid reputation for his South African style, moving between Afrikaans, Cape-Malay and Zulu for piano, instrumental ensembles and voice as well as orchestra. He builds a bridge between European orchestral tone colours, Zulu singing and penny whistle music from the townships. With this highly personalized approach he seeks to create a musical synthesis of two continents.

Bio by Isak Roux

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