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Jeanne Artemis Strieder

b. 1980

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last remains of empathy ~ clotted into sounds

Jeanne Artemis Strieder [ʒan ɑːrtɪmɪs ʃtriːder] is a composer and artist.

The purpose of her work is to create solace and compassion for the invisible suffering of the many and the few. The results are individual aural bodies that seek connection with those who experience darkness.

The origins for her musical mind were found by her at an early age in the european modernism, the achievements of cultures outside of europe and the innovative forms of the underground music scenes.

Her music is performed around the world, in e.g. Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA.

Bio by Jeanne Artemis Strieder

Intermediate to Advanced

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