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Lila Meretzky

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Lila Meretzky is a composer from New York City. She works primarily in chamber, vocal, electronic, and electroacoustic mediums. Her work is often concerned with (the warping of) memory, language, and subjective experiences of time. She enjoys collaborating with artists in other mediums, and has recently created music for the dance companies New Dialect, X-Contemporary Dance, and the Nashville Ballet. She is a graduate of the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University, where she co-founded a new music concert series called A Humming Under My Feet. The series, which Lila produced for three years featured live projections and collaborations with poets, and prioritized an open and welcome approach to the concert experience. Her other pursuits include performing as a singer and pianist, teaching composition and musicianship, studying German, reading Yiddish poetry, and making noise on her laptop and accordion. As a critic, her writings have been published on the arts blog ArtsNash and she has been featured on the radio at WXNA Nashville. In Fall 2020 Lila began her masters degree in composition at the Yale School of Music. She also makes paper collages out of magazines, and has produced over 100 since March 2020.

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