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Piano Sonata No. 3 (The Classical)

James Lee III
16 min

Piano Sonata No. 3 “The Classical” was composed as a result of my experience teaching music theory at Morgan State University, in particular, my form and analysis class. This sonata is set in four distinct movements and is inspired by the classical piano sonatas of Mozart, Beethoven, and partially Brahms. These elements can be clearly seen in each movement, but at times some of the harmonies hint at innovations that were presented in later centuries. The main objective of this sonata is to allow young students in an undergraduate university program to clearly to use their analytical skills to understand the various aspects of melody, scales, harmony, rhythm, and form incorporated in a four-movement piano sonata. There are also a few technical challenges that an intermediate to advanced level piano student would enjoy conquering. All in all, I anticipate that this new piano sonata with obvious conventions and references to 18th an 19th century sonatas, would prove to be a delight to those who study and perform it. — James Lee III

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