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How to Help

A Seat At the Piano is a team of six incredibly dedicated and passionate pianists and pedagogues who wish to share their experience discovering, teaching, and performing works by composers that are sorely underrepresented in classical music education and performance. We at ASAP wish to contribute to creating more diversity, equity, and inclusion in the classroom and on the concert stage, but we realize that it takes a village to change a system. Here’s how you can help!


  • Submit additional composers, pieces, and recordings to ASAP;

  • Let us know if you find errors in the ASAP database or if you have additional information to provide about the composers and pieces therein;

  • Donate to the initiative

  • Share the resource with other artists and teachers so that we can all contribute to the change;

  • Do the work! Teach your students about these composers, listen to these pieces, and perform the works for audiences far and wide. 


Thank you for contributing to the change. We look forward to hearing from you!

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