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Night Mirrors

Angela Elizabeth Slater
10 min 15 sec

Night Mirrors for solo piano was written for Késia Decoté for the 2018 Illuminate concert series.This concert series was founded and artistically directed by Angela Elizabeth Slater.The concert series seeks to promote the work of women composers past and present, and women performers.The 2018 Illuminate concert series activities have been supported by the Ambache Charitable Trust, Gemma Classical Music Trust, Hinrichsen Foundation and...
Night Mirrors is based on the imagery of the Salar de Uyuni (or Salar de Tunupa) which is is the world's largest salt flat and largest natural occuring mirror.When darkness falls on a clear night, the night sky is reflected by the salt flat, creating a 360 view of the universe. Night Mirrors takes this idea and explores the shapes and stars of the universe in the night sky and its mirror-image. The piece explores the depths and height of space, the drama and the stillness, using symmetry and reflection throughout the piece in different ways to create a musical mirror.
Angela Elizabeth Slater

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