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Preludes Book I (Mellos)

Aristea Mellos
Late Intermediate-Advanced

"I. ""a ghostly finger writes forgotten words (in the dust on the piano)"" 3 min 30 sec, Early Adv
II. ""Whoever you are, no matter how lonely"" 3 min 30 sec, Early Adv
III. ""In the sun born over and over, I ran my heedless ways"" 1 min 35 sec, Early Adv
IV. ""I can't breathe"" Part One 4 min 13 sec, Late Int-Early Adv
V. ""I can't breathe"" Part Two 3 min 5 sec, Early Adv
VI. ""Me cansé de vivir me canso"" 3 min 11 sec, Early Adv-Adv
VII. ""...the magpies call you Jack and whistle..."" 3 min 46 sec, Early Adv
VIII. ""Let water run circle settle be"" 3 min 19 sec, Early Adv-Adv
IX. ""Caution! Endangered shorebirds are nesting"" 2 min 7 sec, Late Int-Early Adv
X. ""Go to sleep my beloved, whilst I sing you a lullaby"" (Djoko's lullaby) 3 min 39 sec, Early Advanced
XI. ""Death is Black"" - XII. ""Then peace to close the weary storm-wrecked years"" 11 min, Early Adv-Advanced"

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