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Six Etudes and a Dream

Han Lash
25 min
I. Fast Chords: 3 min
II. Melody Line: 4 min 15 sec
III. Fast and Slow: 3 min 15 sec
IV. Four Voices: 3 min 30 sec
V. Thumbs and Pinkies: 1 min 30 sec
VI. Petit Rêve pour les Pétunias Défuntes: 2 min

Pianist Lisa Moore has an extraordinary charisma and energy at her instrument, with a kind of musical laser focus that I find tremendously inspiring. I wanted to write her a set of pieces that would play to her wonderful range and character as a performer. So I decided to write pieces in the spirit of etudes: each focuses on a different type of playing or technique or pianistic color. There is one odd piece out: the 'dream,' which is in no way an etude. This 'dream' came about when I was looking after Lisa's petunias while she was away from home. Unfortunately, her petunias languished and died. Feeling very bad, I wrote a piece to commemorate the poor flowers that had perished in my care. The set of pieces as a whole is playful, energetic, and sometimes dark and contemplative. It is a work which reflects my deep admiration for Lisa's musicianship and playing.

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