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Vivian Fung
10 min
For prepared piano

In three movements, Commissioned by Jenny Lin. Premiere by Jenny Lin at the Miami ISCM Festival, April 2006. Third movement recorded by Rei Hotoda on the Signpost Label. Entire work released 2012 by Metropolis Ensemble on the Naxos Canada Label.




Glimpses is a set of three pieces that each feature a different aspect of prepared piano. The name of the first piece, Kotekan, is an Indonesian term that describes the interlocking rhythms used in traditional works for gamelan orchestra. This piece uses fast interlocking rhythms coupled with different colors of prepared strings to bring out the percussive nature of the piano. The second piece, Snow, heavily relies on the colors of the upper ranges of the piano to depict light and sweeping motions. In the third piece, Chant, the pianist plays inside the piano and pulls on rosined butcher twine to simulate a long deep drone that permeates through the piece. Glimpses is written for pianist Jenny Lin and was premiered by Jenny at the 2006 ISCM Miami Festival.

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