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Lera Auerbach
50 min

1. A Bao A Qu (The Tower of Chitor) / Traumwanderer: First Passage
2. Simurgh (The Bird Parlament) / Traumwanderer: Second Passage
3. The Norns / Traumwanderer: Third Passage
4. The Chord for Fenrir / Traumwanderer: Fourth Passage
5. Swedenborg’s Angels / Traumwanderer: Fifth Passage (Swedenborg’s Demons)
6. The Kilkenny Cats / Traumwanderer: Sixth Passage (The Squonk Mourns The Kilkenny Cats)
7. Haniel, Kafziel, Azriel, and Aniel / Traumwanderer: Seventh Passage
8. An Afternoon of a Minotaur / Traumwanderer: Eighth Passage
9. La Liebre Lunar
10. El Aplanador / Traumwanderer: Ninth Passage (El Golem)
11. Bahamut
12. The Library of Babel

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