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Naughtycal Glimpses: Tales from a Kindergarten Class

Maria Thompson Corley
4 min 48 sec
I. The Early Morning March
II. Recess
III. Teacher Tells a Mythical Tale
IV. Skipping Homeward

These four brief, charming pieces were transcribed for nonet and featured in Songs and Stories 115, a PBS Kids Special. The first,"The Early Morning March," depicts trudging through the snow to school (I am not a morning person, and grew up in Western Canada. Nuff said). The second, "Recess," is about children teasing and chasing each other during recess, then running back into the school at the sound of the bell. The third piece, "Teacher Tells a Mythical Tale," has a "once upon a time" feel, with an aura of mystery. Finally, "Skipping Home" is about...skipping home. The skipping turns into running when the front door is in sight.

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