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Brian Raphael Nabors
8 min 30 sec

Polaris was written for my dear friend and wonderful pianist Michael Delfín. I often gaze up at the night sky entranced by the glorious wonder of the celestial bodies above, wondering what lies beyond our tiny mote of matter.

Many others like myself love to gaze at this open dome teeming with existential vastness, finding joy in viewing various stars and constellations. The North Star, Polaris, has always particularly interested me. From its shining spot on the tip of the "Little Dipper" constellation, to it's deeper meaning of freedom and wonder for so many. In this work, I sought to capture the sparkling, shining, nature of the star and the ethereal aura one experiences when looking at the sheer majesty of the night sky. Beginning with a simple rising theme, the piece quickly gives way to many sparkling harmonic colors and rhythmic gentures. I wanted to invite the listener into a vast, suspended open world of mystery, introspection, and effervescent light.

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