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Sonata Serrana No. 1

Gabriela Lena Frank
20 min

Sonata Serrana No. 1 is inspired by the distinctly Andean concept of mestizaje as championed by Peruvian folklorist José Maria Arguedas (1911-1969) whereby cultures can co-exist without one subjugating another. Allusions to the rhythms and harmonies of the mountain music of my mother’s homeland of Perú abound in each of this work’s four movements, with an additional nod to the colorful style of Argentinian composer Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983). The four movements are:
I. Allegro Solar (Sun Allegro)
II. Scherzo Nocturno (Night Scherzo)
III. Adagio para el Anochecer (Adagio for Dusk)
IV. Karnavalito (Festive Song in the Quechua Indian style)

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