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Through the Sky

Ayumi Okada
3 min 34 sec

Depicted in the piece is the imaginary dialogue between the child on earth and their parent on the other side against the beauty of the changing sky.

I. A man is looking at the rainy sky through his window. He is struggling to accept the loss of his beloved mother. He keeps asking the questions inside his mind, “Where are you now?”, “Do you still love me?” He knows that these questions will never be answered and reluctantly steps away from the window.

II. Angel’s Ladder appears through the cloud as if it is calling, “Look up, look up!"

III. The son feels as if his mother’s spirit is around. He looks up and talks to her toward the sky. He pretends to be okay at first but confesses that he misses her so much. She answers. She assures him that she raised him strong enough and that she will always be watching over him. As she bids farewell, he finally lets her go into the twilight.

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