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Louise Haenel de Cronenthall


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Louise Augusta Marie Julia Haenel de Cronenthall (18 January 1839 – 9 March 1896) was a German composer who lived and worked in France.

Louise Haenel de Cronenthall was born in Naumburg, Germany, the daughter of piano maker Franz Julius Hänel (1804-1871), and moved to Paris to study at the Conservatoire at age 17. She studied with Alexandre Joseph Désiré Tariot (1803-1872) for music theory, Camille-Marie Stamaty (1811–1870) for piano, Auguste-Joseph Franchomme (1808–1884) for cello, and Jules Demersseman (1833–1866) for flute and composition. In 1862 she married Léonce du Trousset, marquis d'Héricourt de Valincourt (1822-1889).

Haenel received a medal for her work in the Paris World Fair of 1867. She died in Paris.

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