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2023 Summer Interns

Katie Larson

Katie Larson Headshot.jpg

Katie Larson is going into her last year at Lawrence University, where she will be getting a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance with a minor in Piano Pedagogy, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She then plans to pursue graduate work in Piano Pedagogy. Katie has seen over the past few years how the classical music world is evolving to become one more inclusive and representative of the world around us, and she is excited to further this work through working at ASAP this summer! When away from the piano, Katie loves to read and bake.

Chan Ju


Chan Ju, a rising junior at Princeton University, is pursuing a major in history. He is extensively trained in clarinet performance in both classical and jazz styles. His musical abilities led him to be selected as a soloist for the prestigious Florida All-State Band, as well as invitations to perform at various university programs, music festivals, and charity events.

During his time at Princeton, Chan established DIMES (Diversity, Inclusion, and Management for Equity and Sustainability). This student-led organization promotes constructive dialogue about the very important roles which diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and sustainability hold in the finance industry. He also enjoys storytelling, untangling complex brainteasers, and hooping at a local basketball gym.

Chan is a Jack Kent Cooke College Scholar and was previously a Young Scholar. He looks forward to bringing his wide range of skills to the ASAP team. As an intern, he will contribute to website development and undertake projects such as authoring Wikipedia articles on a diverse roster of composers.

2022 Summer Intern

Diamond Trevino


Diamond Trevino (she/her/hers) was ASAP's Jack Kent Cooke Scholar 2022 Summer Intern. She is a singer, songwriter, and avid music fan with a passion for driving positive change. She is currently a first-year student at New York University, where she plans to study music and get involved in LGBTQ+ advocacy. She is also a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholar and former Young Scholar. When not studying or immersed in music, she enjoys programming, exercising, and watching movies.

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