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Eugénie-Emilie Juliette Folville


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Eugénie-Emilie Juliette Folville (5 January 1870 – 28 October 1946) was a Belgian pianist, violinist, music educator, conductor and composer.

Eugénie-Emilie Juliette Folville was born in Liège, Belgium, and began the study of music with her father who was a lawyer and amateur musician. She studied violin with Charles Malherbe, Ovide Musin and César Thomson and made her debut in Liège in 1879. She had a successful career on the concert stage, and in 1897 took a position teaching piano at the Royal Conservatory of Liège.

She lived for several years in London, and during World War II she lived and performed in Bournemouth. She died in Dourgne on 28 October 1946.

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